‘Highest User Award’ for CoolSculpting

This year we have carried out more Coolsculpting procedures than any other clinic in Europe! All treatments are carried out by our highly skilled and experienced CoolSculpting practitioners.

FDA Cleared & CE IIa Medical Mark

CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is a breakthrough U.S. FDA Cleared procedure that safely and effectively eliminates fat without the possible risks associated with surgery due to the safety of Freeze Detect ™ technology.

‘Treatment to Transformation’

Our bespoke customised treatment plan redefines and contours stubborn areas of resistant fat for smooth contours. This is our ‘Treatment to Transformation’ approach.

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is the No1 CoolSculpting provider in Europe for the SIXTH consecutive year!

This many & more CoolSculpting fat freezing treatments safely performed at our Centre of Excellence

"The best thing about CoolSculpting for me is that it changed the shape of my body and most importantly it gave me my waist back! Suddenly I am wearing dresses again, I'm tucking things in - I'm wearing a belt, it has given me confidence again, it really has"

Leah Hardy

"...the results were wonderful. I have completely lost the excess of fat which would not shift unless I resigned myself to a life of carrots and water! Now I am enjoying the fact all my lovely clothes fit me perfectly once again and I look a million dollars in them."

Kate Battrick

"I'm a working mum and I love looking good. CoolSculpting is definitely the best thing that I have done for myself, for my body. The only regret I have is that I probably just waited a bit too long to make that move."


"...I was warned that it would take a few weeks to see any results so I was eagerly scanning myself in the mirror to see a change. When it happened, after two and a half to three weeks, it happened quite quickly - the first thing that I noticed was that my tummy just seemed to disappear. Then I saw that my saddlebags have almost completely gone..."

Nicky Isard